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Michael McGrath is a writer, born and raised in Northern Ontario Canada. He has a career that spans several decades in journalism, editing, advertising, public relations, government, short story writing and song writing. Currently he is working on a collection of his short stories and a compilation of songs written and produced over the past 20 years.

McGrath also plays guitar, piano and synthesizer. His great love is singing. He points to his Irish heritage as the root of his interest and talent in writing short stories, lyrics and music. Although fatherless, he was raised in a close knit family by his grandparents, mother and uncles and aunts. His earliest memories have to do with his four aunts Tessie, Sarah, Rita, Celia and his mother Emily gathered around the family piano in song. He grew up listening to songs and melodies that spanned many generations from classical, to swing, jazz, pop, folk and all the Irish standbys.

“My grandmother, Margaret Dunn always said that if you have music in the house there is love in the house. She encouraged all of her children and grandchildren to learn to play music in one form or another. It was granny’s great pleasure to sit with her husband Jack and listen to a member of the family play the piano,” said McGrath.

His recent musical productions have been in concert with his family members John and Donald Elliott. In addition he continues to collaborate with First Nation artists including writer and musician Xavier Kataquapit and musician songwriter Ron Kataquapit.

Much of his work surrounds his continuing quest in living a life clean and sober. He has great disdain for any moralistic or preachy approach in communication.

“I am a very emotional writer. When I feel bad I turn to my piano or guitar and then again when I feel great I do the same and most of the time a song is born from that relationship. I am interested in writing songs and stories that make people feel and maybe more importantly encourage them to think. I find a great comfort in the creative process and I hope my work brings enjoyment and comfort to others,” said McGrath.

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