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Everybody Wants To Fly

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by Michael McGrath Pulling myself through the blue Puffy clouds remind me of you Looking down on the lake like a mirror Greens and browns smell of pine in the air Everybody wants to fly And reach up to the sky Do they think that god’s on high Cause everybody wants to fly Like the […]

Bring War To An End

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By Michael McGrath When the boys they came back Some were damaged and hurt Most settled down but the nightmares stayed on Many took to the drink To forget and survive, But the horrors of war stayed with them at night They’d gather and talk about this about that They would sit and recall at […]

The Silver Grill On Ambridge Drive

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By Michael McGrath – 1983 The Silver Grill on Ambridge Drive was run by Hin and Moma Sue,Every night the boys in town would gather out front to booze,The squeal of tires, the burning strips and haze inside their cars,Energy ran down that drive like lines from lit fire flies. Well Hin and Mama had […]

Palm Trees In Black Coral Eyes

By Michael McGrath – 1986 The way he moves is slow and like he is captive,He has the fear of a caged animal about him,Slavery days of yesteryear still have a hold,Buccaneers still ride the waves in his DNA,Spanish galleons still guard the way to port.When he stops to look in my general directionI see […]

Red Berries In The Snow

by Michael McGrath – 1985 I don’t know what type of tree it was,Winter had taken the life from its limbs and branches,Leaves had long since flown with the wind,But, two berries remained dangling from a mere thread of fibre,Bright Red Berries they were,They almost glowed in contrast to the grey and white of the […]

I Don’t Feel Like Singing Anymore

I Don’t Feel Like Singing AnymoreBy Mike McGrath for Emily , June 21, 2007 C……Em……F……G……Em…..C I don’t feel like singing anymore,Feel like a bird that’s fallen from the sky,I don’t feel like dancing all around,Feel like a butterfly that broke its wingIt’s like the world has grown cold and grey I don’t feel like laughing […]

Time For Living – lyrics

Time For Living Lyrics By Michael McGrath for an old friend April 14, 2008 The Song is being developed Well I’m standing here feeling like a long lost friend, Just might come by blowing in with the wind, It just could be that I’ve finally bottomed out, And just when I thought that life was […]

The Living Room

The Living RoomBy Mike McGrath for John E, April 14, 2008 Somewhere they are waiting,Tea is on the stove and cookies baking,They are playing the piano and singing tunes, Nothing really matters in the living roomNothing really matters in the living roomNothing really matters in the living room There comes a knocking on the door,No […] Copyright © 2020 All Rights Reserved

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